Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Bendigo Yacht Club always welcomes new members and offers a flexible range of membership options, including:

  • Sailing Membership - ordinary membership with full sailing and voting rights (subject to your age)
  • Social membership - full access to club facilities and voting rights but no sailing, boat storage, caravan or camping rights
  • Special Membership - Sailability participant & volunteer, Absentee, Honorary or Life member etc

You can become a member as an individual or as part of a family grouping. The schedule of annual fees is set at the AGM each each year to be as affordable as possible while still covering expenses. There is no one-off joining fee.

Instructions for new members

Please click on the New member  button at the bottom of this page to apply for membership. New membership applications are subject to the Rules and By-Laws of the Club and require ratification by the General Committee. Fees and privileges are outlined below. 

If you have been a member of a sailing club anywhere in Australia over the past few years, your details (including Australian Sailing Number) may already be in the system. If this is the case, you will get a warning asking you to renew your profile or register as a new member. Please select the renew your profile option. 

Please note: New members who join after 31 December are eligible for a 50 percent discount on the normal membership fee. Please enter "50percent" in the discount box on the payment page. 

Instructions for continuing members

Please click on the Returning member  button at the bottom of this page to renew your membership for the coming season. You will need your Australian Sailing Number to complete the renewal process. 

 Can't remember your Australian Sailing Number? Click here

 Have a question? Please contact the Secretary at

Membership fees and privileges  *Fees are renewable after August 1st annually

Categories of membership Age range Annual early bird Fee from 1 Sep 23 Voting rights Sailing events Social events Club facilities Boat storage Caravan camp site
1(a) Ordinary Sailing Member 26+ $280.00  $310.00 
1(b) Concessional Sailing Member  26+ $140.00  $155.00 
1(c) Youth Sailing Member  18–25 $140.00  $155.00 
1(d) Junior Sailing Member  7–17 $70.00  $77.50     
1(e)(i) Family Sailing Membership  18+ $420.00  $465.00 
2(b) Social Member 18+ $140.00  $155.00       
4 Absentee Member Any age $70.00  $77.50         
Privilege Age range Fee              
Annual Race Fee 1 - Single Adult  26+ $110.00               
Annual Race Fee 2 - Adult plus Crew 26+ $150.00               
Annual Race Fee 3 - Single Youth  18–25 $60.00               
Annual Race Fee 4 - Youth plus Crew  18–25 $75.00               
Annual Race Fee 5 - Single Junior  7–17 $30.00               
Annual Race Fee 6 - Junior plus Crew  7–17 $45.00               
Annual Race Fee 7 - Sail School Participant Any age $0.00               
Boat Storage 1 - Shed Floor (subject to availabilty) Any age $180.00               
Boat Storage 2 - Shed Level 2 (subject to availability) Any age $120.00               
Boat Storage 3 - Shed Top Level Any age $90.00               
Boat Storage 4 - Shed Storage for Canoe/Sailboard Any age $50.00               
Boat Storage 5 - Secure Yard Any age $120.00               
Boat Storage 6 - Open Area Parking Any age $100.00               
Camping 1 - Annual Caravan Site 18+ $700.00               
Club key (refundable deposit) 18+ $20.00